Sound Samples


Extraits from our concerts at the Kammertheater Stok in Zürich, April 1999. These tunes (and some more) are to be found on our latest CD «We did it!»

As mp3 stereo files

We did it (D. Erni) 297 KB
WYSIWYG (D. Erni) 540 KB
I'm wondring if you know (M. Dettwyler) 446 KB
Äs Buuräbüäbli (trad./Arr.: C. Flueler) 648 KB

Recorded live on a Tascam DA-88 Digital 8 track recorder, Zürich April 1999
Mixed by Daniel Erni & Chris Flueler at crisP productionS Studio, Zürich 1999/2000

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