urban voices cd «the gang» (2002, TCB 22112)

Die gleichnamige Studio-CD zum Programm «The Gang» ist am 6. März 2002 bei TCB Records (tcb 22112) erschienen.

Nicht weniger als 10 Jahre Zeit liess sich das Zürcher A-cappella-Quintett Urban Voices mit der Produktion seiner ersten Studio-CD. «The Gang» bietet einen repräsentativen Querschnitt durch das gleichnamige Programm und ist nicht weniger als das erste in der Schweiz produzierte Jazz-a-cappella-Album. Acht der zwölf Stücke sind Eigenkompositionen, die sich stilistisch von Hardbop über Latin, Pop bis Hip Hop und House bewegen. Vier weitere Nummern sind Adaptionen von Jazz Standards, welche in der Bearbeitung von Urban Voices in ganz neuem Licht erstrahlen. Sämtliche Klänge, Grooves und Effekte wurden mit der menschlichen Stimme erzeugt - keine Samples! Bilder vom Mixdown im Relief Studio gibt's in der Galerie. Auf der Homepage von Mainely A Cappella kann man sich Hörbeispiele runterladen. Die CD kann im Tonträgerhandel oder direkt bei uns bezogen werden.

Katja Mair - sopran, Lead on 2) 4) 7) 9) 10) 12), Solo on 5)
Bettina Tuor - alt, Lead on 6), Solo on 10) 11)
Micha Dettwyler - tenor & vocal percussion, Lead on 8) 10), Solo on 4) 7)
Daniel Erni - bariton, Solo on 2) 11)
Christoph Flueler - beatbass

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«The Gang»


Urban Voices


A cappella: Soul, Pop, Latin, Swing, Hip Hop, House


Urban Voices for TCB Records, 2001/2002


6. März 2002


Von Urban Voices in der Klangfaktur Zürich


Dom Torche, Bertrand Siffert & Urban Voices, Relief Studio Belfaux


Glenn Müller, Greenwood Studios, Nunningen


Katarina Aerni, Zürich (CD Cover PDF)


CH: Phonag oder direkt über uns


TCB 22112, EAN 0725095221122



1.) City Lights (D. Erni)


2.) How Insensitive (A. C. Jobim/Arr.: D. Erni)


3.) The Gang (D. Erni)


4.) When I fall in Love (Heyman/Young/Arr.: K. Mair)


5.) On the Run (K. Mair)


6.) The Sky so High (B. Tuor)

4: 25

7.) Concerto d' Aranjuez (J. Rodrigo/Arr.: D. Erni)


8.) Lullaby (D. Erni)


9.) Superheroes (K. Mair)


10.) Almost There (D. Erni)


11.) My Foolish Heart (Arr.: D. Erni)


12.) WYSIWYG (D. Erni/DJ Micri Remix)


Total Time


Auf der Homepage von «Manely A Cappella» kann man sich Ausschnitte anhören.
Die Produktion wurde unterstützt von der Präsidialabteilung der Stadt Zürich/Popkredit, vom Kanton St. Gallen und vom Aargauer Kuratorium.

Liner Notes by Kurt Weil, Jazz'n'more
A cappella = vocal performances without any instrumental accompaniment.
Urban Voices = a cappella ensemble.
So much for an introduction to the music as well as to the performers on this album.
It’s a well known fact, that the human voice is the most radiant, engaging and communicative instrument of them all. On the other side, there is hardly any other task in music as challenging, delicate and right out dangerous to be offered to a receptive audience, in fact to any audience. However, if the result is convincing, of high quality and in terms of vocal delivery engaging and responding to the demands of the listener, you really got a great thing going. Which is the case with Urban Voices. Adding the fact, that much of the content of this album is composed by the members of the group and all the arrangements are tailor made to fit the five voices, we do listen to a rarity within the massive amount of releases we are currently confronted with. Yet another specialty makes the performance of the group quite unique. Note the bass part being sung, "vocalesed” to be exact, including the sharp sound of a hi hat, which gives the entire performance a solid backbone in the low end. This is new and the very charming trademark of the group, but do not ask me how this is accomplished.
We are decidedly not looking at a barbershop ensemble, doing wrought out material to entertain a barroom full of people willing to hang on and join in. Do not try to do this! The harmonic concept of the arrangements are as complex and intriguing as those of a very up to date instrumental group. Which points to the fact, that we are talking about very difficult vocal parts to be handled, and they are handled very well by all five of them. Considering the few vocal groups currently active and available, it is all the more surprising that one of them should come out of Switzerland, where yodeling seems to be the imperative way of vocally expressing yourself. The rather introverted character of the Swiss makes it difficult for them to express themselves both verbally and vocally. The five members of the group, though Swiss, do not seem to have ever encountered such handicaps! They very audibly enjoy singing, perform in English to boot and follow easily the tracks of their very famous American predecessors like Manhattan Transfer, New York Voices and the likes. The only significant difference is Urban Voices’ a cappella performance, enough to clearly distinguish them from their peers.
This is an album that requires repeated listening in order to really enjoy the intricacy, purpose and last but not least intimacy of Urban Voices’ excellent performance.

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Dweelja Doobap Live-CD «We did it!» (2000, Eigenvertrieb)

Auf ihrer ersten CD «We did it», erschienen am 11. Mai 2000 im Eigenvertrieb, präsentieren sich Urban Voices (damals noch unter dem Namen «Dweelja Doobap») live, ungefiltert und absolut authentisch.
Von den Aufnahmen vom 22. bis 24. April 1999 im Theater Stok in Zürich wurden 11 Nummern ausgewählt, die einen repräsentativen Querschnitt durch das Programm «We did it!» zeigen. Die CD kann direkt bei uns bezogen werden.

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«We did it!»


Dweelja Doobap


A cappella: Soul, Pop, Latin, Swing


Dweelja Doobap 99/00


11. Mai 2000


Live 22. - 24. April 1999, Kammertheater Stok


Dani Erni & Chris Flueler,Klangfaktur Zürich


Glenn Müller, Greenwood Studios, Nunningen


Katja Mair & Daniel Erni, DynaPub, Jona


Eigenvertrieb per Bestellformular (s.o.)



Ain't nobody (Erni)


We did it (Erni)




I'm wondring (Dettwyler)


We're in love (Austin, Arr. Tuor)


Äs Buurebüäbli I (trad, Arr. Flueler)


Aquarius (McDermot, Arr. Erni)


Comes Love (Brown, Arr. Tuor)


Äs Buurebüäbli II (trad, Arr. Flueler)


Another Day (Marsalis, Arr. Tuor)


A night in Tunisia (Gillespie, Arr. Erni)