… sings almost everything...


«We did it!» — the shorter the name of Dweelja Doobap's actual program is, the longer the list of tunes in their repertoire. The concept of the band remained the same — they still attempt to widen the boundaries of a cappella singing. Its an acrobatic journey through complex arrangements and close-voicing sounds in the fields of Soul, Latin, Swing, and Pop. A workshop with Darmon Meader (NY Voices), Art LaPierre and the tutorial work of Dominik Flaschka (Shake Musical Company) added another highlight on their way on.

Actual repertoire list


Comes Love (L. Brown, S. Stept, Ch. Tobias/Arr B.Tuor)
Night In Tunesia (Dizzy Gillespie/Arr.: D. Erni)
My Foolish Heart (Washington, Young/Arr.: D. Erni)
I'm Wond'ring If You Know (M. Dettwyler)
When I Fall In Love (Heyman, Young/Arr.: K. Mair)
We Did It! (D. Erni) sample


We're In Love (P. Austin/Arr.: B. Tuor)
WYSIWYG (D. Erni) sample
That's Enough For Me (P. Austin/Arr.: K. Mair)


Another Day (B. Marsalis, B.Gable, F. McComb/Arr.: B. Tuor)
Ain't Nobody (Else But You) (D. Erni) sample
Aquarius (Hair; Galt MacDermot, G. Ragni & J. Rado/Arr.: D. Erni)
Dear Santa, Bring Me a Man (P. Jabara, P. Shaffer/Arr.: K. Mair)


Nicas Dream (H. Silver/Arr.: K. Mair)

Mixed style (trad./Jazz)

Äs Buurebüäbli (trad./Arr.: C. Flüeler) sample
Concierto d' Aranjuez (J. Rodrigo/Arr.: D. Erni)