Live-CD «We did it!»

«We did it!» is the name of our actual CD. It is a live album which was recorded at the Kammertheater Stok in Zurich on April 1999 (4/22/99 to 4/24/99).

We did it!
Who did it?

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Whenever you want to listen to Dweelja Doobap — now you can. Since 11 May 2000 the new CD is available. Dweelja Doobap presents a live album — enjoy their sound as pure and authentic as if they were performing in your living room. Eleven tunes can be found on «We did it», giving a repersentative overview of their actual program. The CD can be ordered online, or directly purchased at our concerts (at SFr 25.–).

Sound samples can be found here.

General informations on the CD «We did it!»

Title «We did it!»
The band Dweelja Doobap
Style Contemporary a cappella music: Soul, Pop, Latin, Swing
Production Dweelja Doobap 99/00
Release May 11, 2000
Recorded Live April 22 through 24 1999, Kammertheater Stok
Mix Daniel Erni & Chris Flueler, crisP productionS, Zürich
Master Glenn Müller, Greenwood Studios, Nunningen
Artwork Katja Mair & Daniel Erni, DynaPub, Jona
Distribution Dweelja Doobap (Switzerland), Utopton (Europe), Mainely a cappella (USA)
Ain't nobody (Erni) 4:33
We did it (Erni) 3:58
WYSYWYG (Erni) 4:24
I'm wondring (Dettwyler) 3:48
We're in love (Austin, Arr. Tuor) 3:58
Äs Buurebüäbli I (trad, Arr. Flueler) 0:42
Aquarius (McDermot, Arr. Erni) 4:00
Comes Love (Brown, Arr. Tuor) 3:38
Äs Buurebüäbli II (trad, Arr. Flueler) 2:53
Another Day (Marsalis, Arr. Tuor) 4:30
A night in Tunisia (Gillespie, Arr. Erni) 4:29

Recorded live on a Tascam DA-88 digital 8 track recorder, Zürich April 1999
Mixed by Daniel Erni & Chris Flueler at crisP productionS studio, Zürich 1999/2000

© 1999/2000 Dweelja Doobap - All rights managed by SUISA