Zurich July 27, 2001
Dweelja Doobap wins a Special Prize at the Montreux Jazz Chrysler Award 2001. We feel very honoured and are strongly looking forward to a brighter future or so ;-) Thanks so much to you all for giving us the power to continue our way!

Zurich June 5, 2001
Dweelja Doobap won the 1st prize at the Swiss Jazz Festival in Zurich. This will give us the oportunity to perform in the Swiss National Television. Yep!

Zurich May 5, 2001
Thanks to all the people who voted for us at the A Cappella Community Awards 2000 - you pushed us into the runner up position in the category world/folk, right behind Bobby McFerrins Group SOVOSO!!!
More voting is possible on our page at Vocal Universe - thanks to everyone who clicks the button...

Zurich, April 15, 2001
Lots of things happened in the meantime - you should learn German and check the German part of our site... Bettina is back from NYC! She misses the big apple, but we're glad. We did a couple of gigs in Switzerland - our first gig in Bern (the capital of Switzerland) which was a great success. We've been selected among hundred participants to perform at the Jazzfestival Zurich. We're not sure, if this finally prooves, that we sing jazz ;-) and finally the RARB review of our album «We Did It!» is finished and we're proud to announce, that they gave us 4.3 (of 5 possible) points. This is the best rating of all the swiss a cappella groups on that site (OK, there is only us and another group, but anyway...). You'll find some of the reviews on our press page and the rest on the RARB homepage. Oops and by the way, we already started recording our next album which will be called «The Gang» or something like that...

Zürich, December 8, 2000
We really did it! Or - better - Dani did it: the translation of our homepage into that weired language most of the americans speak, while thinking that the whole rest of the world does too - English! Many thanx, old buddy!!!
In Switzerland our CD is sold as a christmas surprise till December 24 for only SFr. 21.- Maybe you might check our ordering page. You will, won't you? Please!

Zürich, 23 November '00
We are eagerly waiting for the review of our CD «We did it!» by an international jury: It is in the pipe line of RARB-Reviews. Unpatient people (like we are) can see the order of entries here.

Zürich, 11 November 00
Like to see pictures of Bettina and her flat in NYC? Also new in our photo gallery: You get a enlarged view by clicking on the thumbnails (Whow!)
Refer to our concert dates page to see which of the gigs in February get confirmed. They become more and more...

Zürich, 21 october 00
Our live CD entitled «We did it!» is now available on the European continent: Utopton is the official distributor in these countries. We hope many of you will make use of this new channel. (For Switzerland the distribution is still done by us – order the CD here.)

Zürich, 14 0ctober ’00
Bingo! We too have a photo gallery, like anybody else on the net. It is still quite small—so you don’t lose too much time while scrolling through...
Bettina just left for NY—not forever, she will be back in January. It seems that she’s doing well, except that she desperately is looking for a flat... (some rain never harmed to anybody, does it ?)
We are in charge to fix our schedule for February. Tips and bookings are always welcome.
People interested in reviews of our concerts no longer need to download in picture format. Now they’re text files, so you can easily get them and read locally.

Zürich, 25 July ’00
Brand-new: Our discussion forum! You can post questions and remarks concerning Dweelja Doobap online. This interactive discussion platform is ready for you to be used frequently.
Also new on our site: sound bits in mp3 format. Everyone who was eagerly waiting the sequel of our Trilogy of "Buurebüebli" can get it now in full length! Enjoy!
In the end of July, Dweelja Doobap has been observed at Kriz' studio. It is rumored that they recorded the first tracks for the new album which will be released together with the new programm in September 2001. The CD will also contain some of the tunes of the old programm, which have not yet been released, eg the arrangements of "Concierto de Aranjuez" and "My foolish heart".
Our presence on the internet seems to have some effects and to initiate new contacts: Through advice of a instantly dropped-in visitor from Canada we got an entry in the online catalogue of Mainely A cappella, an US-based forum dedicated to a cappella music. Thus our CD can be ordered and purchased from overseas countries as well.
For Swiss people interested in our CD, there is an online order form. (For people from other European countries please contact Utopton, see above.)
The price of the CD is SFr 29.- including shipment costs (SFr 25.- if you buy it at a live concert).
Until January 2001 we will be busy arranging new songs for the future program. In February 2001 we will be back with some last concerts of our old program «We did it!». There might still be people who hadn’t heard us already...